Revolutionise your hair with GrowHare

With our all natural and scientifically-proven formula, you can reverse hair damage from hard water and impurities.

100% natural, sustainable and cruelty-free shampoo, engineered by Oxford molecular scientists

Restore Your Damaged Hair And Scalp Balance

Deep clean purifying - gentle yet effective

Removes 99% of hard water minerals and harmful impurities, and blocks DHT & other harmful stimuli

Protects hair and follicles and counters inflammation

Promotes hair health and prevents hair loss

Buildup from hard water and harmful impurities can cause serious hair damage and leave you with an itchy and dry scalp.

GrowHare is designed to reverse damage caused by hard water and other factors, and to strengthen your hair and keep it healthy, nourished and strong.

GrowHare is the most effective for removing buildup from hard water, and because it’s a strong cleanse, it also effectively removes other product buildup and harmful impurities.

Our shampoo is cruelty-free, sustainable, and uses only natural ingredients.

How does our smart scientific formula work?

Our unique amino acid-based formula contains natural and scientifically-proven ingredients to combat hard water hair damage. Its molecules effectively remove 99% of mineral buildup and harmful impurities without stripping the hair of its natural moisturising oil or drying the hair out.

In comparison to the chemical-based shampoo that may be harsh on your hair, GrowHare Clarifying Shampoo contains 100% natural ingredients that are gentle, yet effectively rejuvenate and strengthen your hair.

How does our smart scientific formula work?
With the GrowHare Clarifying shampoo, you can achieve happy, healthy hair and scalp in three simple steps:

Massage your wet hair and scalp with the shampoo.

Leave the shampoo to absorb into your hair for 30 seconds.

Rinse the shampoo off and you’re good to go.

NaturalGentle Biodegradable Cruelty-Free

Our very first customer is delighted with the experience we created and plans to buy our refill pack


I'm very pleased with it

"The shampoo smells amazing and my hair feels really soft. Thank you! I'll buy refills."

- Marjan V

Good for natural black hair

"My tight, delicate curls always bounce back. Will definitely keep the GrowHare in my haircare arsenal. "

- D.

Lathers so easily

"It lathers easily, don't need much. So far, so good. I love the bottle, a pale sage green color that is pretty."

- Lynne G

Saved my hair

"I am quite satisfied with the results. Somehow my hair feels a little thicker. Will use it for longer."

- J Fisher

1 month into using

"My hair does not feel dry or itchy compared to other clarifying shampoos and it leaves my hair amasingly soft afterward."

- Anonymous

Who are we? Our DNA

At GrowHare, we are passionate about science, the environment and animal welfare. We are Oxford molecular scientists. We are the experts. We are passionate about applying our scientific expertise to investigate and solve real world problems, including reversing hard water hair damage.

GrowHare is inspired by us who experienced hair thinning after a few days living in the UK. We tried everything, but nothing worked.

That’s why we developed a solution for us that does not only make your hair grow faster, but gives you a healthier head of hair for longer.

We are proud to present a shampoo that’s created with science in mind, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and cruelty free, so you can restore the quality of your hair and become yourself again.

Who are we? Our DNA
Shop our all-natural, science-proven formula now
Shop our all-natural, science-proven formula now

It's time to be you again