Frequently Asked Questions


Our Shampoo foam lathers easily, only need a small of amount. With regular, everyday use, a bottle will last for one month. However, if you wash your hair every other day, the formula should last for two months, at the very least.

Our unique formula is gentle, delicate and nourishing, so you can use our shampoo regularly without drying out your hair.

With frequent use on a consistent basis, our product will remove most hard water residue and harmful impurities within a week of use and hair thickening should occur within three to four months of use.

Yes, it is halal! We use natural, herbal ingredients in our formula that is ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

An average of 50 years - so you can use it for life!

Currently, we ship our shampoo to addresses in the UK, but we hope to ship our shampoo internationally in the near future.

Yes! We use almost no plastics in our packaging. Our bottle-for-life concept allows you to play an active part in saving the Earth by reducing single-use plastic waste and reusing items. In addition to this, our shampoo is biodegradable and compostable.

Hard water shower heads filter out minerals using filters. However, they cannot remove minerals and other harmful impurities already stuck to your hair. Also, the filter requires consistent replacement every 2-3 months, so it’s not an environmentally-friendly option. With GrowHare’s nature-based formula, you can achieve fuller and thicker hair and healthier scalp.

Yes, you can. GrowHare is the most effective for removing buildup from hard water, and because it provides a strong cleanse, it also effectively deep cleans and purifies by removing other product buildup and harmful impurities.

Natural. Biodegradable.

Gentle. Cruelty-Free.

It's Not Hard - It’s GrowHare, So Join Us On Our Transformative Journey
It's Not Hard - It’s GrowHare, So Join Us On Our Transformative Journey