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Amino Acid-Based Formula

Our smart scientific formula contains amino acid surfactants and its molecules act as strong cleaning agents for removing harmful hard water minerals and harmful impurities. Amino acid surfactants are a new and revolutionary generation of surfactants that are not only biodegradable and gentle on the scalp, but also efficient - functioning effectively on your hair.

Different from chemical-based chelating agents that stripping the hair, amino acids are gentle, organic, naturally-occurring molecules known to be the building blocks of life. GrowHare is gentle that allows for daily use.

Our formula goes one step further to help tackle hair loss and thinning hair. It contains natural and scientifically-proven ingredients that counter inflammations, support hair regrowth, and block DHT and other harmful stimuli to hair and scalp.

The unique blend of active amino acid molecules and plant stem cell activators makes our shampoo works effectively on your hair. Therefore, this prolongs growth and improves the overall wellbeing of your hair and scalp.

Amino Acid-Based Formula
What is hard water, and is it bad?
What is hard water, and is it bad?

Hard water can be good for us when we drink it because we can consume minerals like calcium and magnesium - both of which are essential for our body and cannot be found in soft water.

However, showering your body and washing your hair with hard water can cause your hair to become thin and dry out - which is disastrous! This is because hard water contains minerals that build up on your scalp and hair - leaving “mineral deposits” - and cause damage over time, leaving you with an itchy, flaking scalp, dandruff and brittle hair. If you’ve noticed thinning hair, you are not alone. We are like you because we’ve experienced this as a result of living in a region with hard water. Unfortunately, this is a common issue.

Hard water meets hair cuticle

Your hair cuticles play a vital role in keeping your hair healthy and lustrous. Hair cuticles keep your hair strong, protect the inside of the hair shaft from damage and contribute to the overall health of your hair.

With daily hard water use and mineral deposit buildup over a six-month period, this is what happens to your hair cuticle…

Hard water meets hair cuticle
Think of our formula as liquid magnets that attract the minerals in hard water and harmful impurities so that they don't stick to your hair

What does our formula do for deep clean purifying your hair?
We use amino acid surfactants-a naturally occurring anionic surfactant-as the liquid magnet to attract harmful minerals in hard water and harmful impurities. It neutralises hard water minerals such as Chalk, Magnesium and Silica and harmful impurities so that they become super easy to rinse off. They work by creating a shield around your hair that repels hard water minerals and harmful impurities when rinsing with water.

Our unique blend of amino acids within our pure natural ingredients makes the GrowHare Clarifying Shampoo suitable for daily use and highly effective. It works by removing 99% of hard water minerals and harmful impurities and leaving you with smooth hair and a fresh scalp!

The problems with chemicals in traditional clarifying shampoos
Traditional clarifying shampoos containing chemicals like EDTA can cause dry hair, flakes and an itchy and inflamed scalp - among other problems. With GrowHare’s all-natural formula, the buildup can be removed delicately and your hair will have a better texture and feel good after use. The GrowHare Clarifying Shampoo’s formula is the most powerful and gentle solution for your hair and will keep it healthy and smooth.

How GrowHare Formula Compare

How GrowHare Formula Compare

GrowHare removes hard water minerals the most effectively like a BRITA water filter compared to a hard water shower filter, the other clarifying shampoo and the other off-the-shelf shampoo

The GrowHare formula takes care much more than just deep clean purifying!

Our smart scientific formula goes one step further to help tackle hair loss and thinning hair

Blocks scalp DHT and other harmful stimuli

Our localised DHT blocker stops the negative effects of DHT and other harmful stimuli on your hair.

Prolongs growth

GrowHare contains molecules that delays follicle regression and prolongs the hair growth phase.