The Brains Behind GrowHare

GrowHare was started because

the founders had serious hair thinning

problems when they first came to the UK. Being a part of the international community, we have quickly noticed the dire issue of hard water. We know how stressful this is to students from all across the world because of the effects it brings onto their daily lives - and our lives as well.

GrowHare was started by three friends

Jefferson, a molecular biologist at Oxford University

Joe, a molecular biologist at Oxford University

Earnest, an NHS medical doctor

We are all industry experts in our respective scientific fields, and we are very passionate about applying our molecular science and medical knowledge to make a difference in people’s lives - and that sparked the start of our journey.

As friends, we came together and sat down to design a product that will effectively remove the effects of hard water and harmful impurities.

We’ve been proud to create a shampoo that protects your hair and gives it nourishment and vitality. Compared to anything that we have tried, our GrowHare Clarifying Shampoo is gentle, efficient, natural, biodegradable and more affordable than what is on the market.

We have a lot of fun and joke around, but we’re serious as well. When we designed GrowHare we put careful scientific methodology and the most advanced technologies at the heart of our product. This represents our utmost sincerity as well as our mission in bringing the best product to you for your hair. We experienced the difference GrowHare brought to our lives and we hope you do too.

Natural. Biodegradable.

Gentle. Cruelty-Free.

It's not hard - it’s GrowHare, so join us on our transformative journey
It's not hard - it’s GrowHare, so join us on our transformative journey